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4 Point Inspection Weston FL

A 4 Point Inspection by RSVP Home Inspection will increase the chances of you securing home insurance. Being licensed professionals, we can quickly identify all the areas that are reflected in insurance claims and help you understand what needs to be replaced or repaired.

Why You Need a 4 Point Inspection

Since residential properties older than 30 years are bound to weaken over the years due to regular wear & tear, insurance companies find themselves not willing to issue the home buyer homeowner insurance on such a property. They want to lower potential claims as much as possible as they feel an older home may have issues that could become a liability to them. 

If any of the elements included in the 4 Point Inspection are found to be in an unsatisfactory condition, they may cause accidents like fire or water damage to a home and prove to be fatal for the residents of the property. This is why a 4 Point Inspection by RSVP Home Inspection is a must.

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