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Mold Surface Testing Weston FL

Mold surface testing in Weston, FL is available by the certified professionals of RSVP Home Inspections at great prices. This test entails sampling from a surface of a particular household to look for the amount of mold growth and spores around the home. These samples can be collected by the way of 

  1. Tape sampling
  2. Swab sampling
  3. Bulk sampling
  4. Wipe sampling.

Pros Cons of Mold Surface Testing

The mold surface testing in Weston, FL by the RSVP Home Inspections can have the following pros and cons-


  • A surface sampling is considerably inexpensive and in the case of direct examination less time-consuming as well. 
  • A surface sampling might timely disclose any indoor reservoir of spores that have not yet become airborne.
  • This examination finds out the exact condition of the surface and tells what is there.


  • The disadvantage might be that only surface testing is not enough to know the biological materials present in the air.

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